Ours is a small family business that cultivates the 12 hectares of the Fonte Sala land, ac-cording to the organic method, certified since 2015.

The Wine

We have chosen to cultivate in our 6 hectares of vineyards only Sagrantino grapes, a precious native vine variety from Umbria. During the harvest, usually in October, for all those who are in Fonte Sala it is impossible not to be enchanted by the particular red leaves of this vine. A biological foliage that since 2016, we sell with pride to the Aboca agricultural farm, an Italian leader in the production and processing of medicinal plants.

The Olive Oil

Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo: these are the olive varieties that make up the 750 plants present at Fonte Sala. From these excellent raw ingredients we produce our olive oil, which we offer to our guests by supplying it in all the houses and that we sell in bottles and in tins (50 cl, 1 lt, 3,5 lt).

Our Team


Fonte Sala’s historical face, he takes care of everything, from the maintenance of the garden to the cultivations of fields.


Together with Nello, she takes care of preparing and managing the guests’ stay at Fonte Sala.


He deals with everything related to administration and accounting.


Fourth generation of the Montalcini family, he takes care of communication and welcoming guests.